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The Kirsty Farrow Dance Academy offers dance, musical theatre & drama classes in Swindon for all ages, 18 months old to adults. We pride ourselves on our high standard of teaching in Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz, National, Drama and Musical Theatre classes. Our philosophy is to encourage each student to achieve their full potential in a safe, friendly and fun environment.


Fees are paid via easy direct debits each month where all we ask is that a direct debit form is filled out on signing up to the school. Uniform & other fees can be either paid in cash or via our very own card machine.


On enrolling at TKFDA you will be asked to also complete a child protection form & sign our terms & conditions as child safety & wellbeing are very important to us.

Unlike most dance schools in Swindon, classes run 40 weeks of the year, enabling us get the very best from your children. Holidays are 2 weeks at Christmas, 2 weeks at Easter, 5 weeks in August & 1 week off for each half term.


Dance Classes for Children

Dance Classes by age
18 mths – 30 mths

For children 18 months to 2 and a half, we offer Toddler Music and Movement classes with a parent or guardian. This is a fun class where children are encouraged to learn through music. The classes help children with their physical, cognitive and communication development.



For children of 2 and a half to school age we offer Pre-School classes which includes Ballet, Modern and Tap. Here the children are taught the basics of the three genres, whilst incorporating musical rhymes and games to encourage a musical awareness. It is proven that children who take part in dance classes at this age can develop better co-ordination, concentration and communication skills.


School Age

Once a child has reached school age they will progress though the grades commencing from Primary Class Test Ballet, Tap and Modern. Examinations can be taken from 5 years of age. All children are encouraged to work towards these examinations as it is a measure of months of their hard work and determination, although it is not compulsory. Pupils entered for examinations are at the discretion of the principals and their class teacher.


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